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Raised Hands
Raised Hands
Raised Hands

As Malice 36 approaches, we formally acknowledge that none of this could ever happen without our wonderful volunteers.

From set‐up (Thursday, 10:00 a.m.) and registration to final teardown (Sunday after the tea), volunteers make our fun, fan get‐together possible. Volunteering is a marvelous way to meet people and to enjoy yourself.

Those who have helped in the past know that being a panel monitor (not moderator) is one way to make sure that you will get to certain panels.

A thousand thanks to those who have volunteered earlier this year and been told to pick out the places they wanted to help when the program was posted. When program is online you check to see what you really want to hear and consider volunteering for those sessions.

As always, Malice 101/Volunteers 101 will explain what’s involved, but should you miss that session, anyone behind the desk in the Hospitality Lounge will be glad to direct you.

If you are interested in helping, let us know below!

Many thanks!
Anne R. Murphy
Coordinator of volunteers

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