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Thank you to our MD 36 Dealers

Check back regularly for updates on vendors for Malice 37

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Malice Author Book Dealers


The Last Word & Scrawl Books will be the Malice Author Book Dealers for Malice 36. Both Traditional Authors & Consignment Authors MUST submit an order form to ensure your books will be availble for sale at Malice.

Traditional Authors MUST submit order forms by March 25th 2024.

Consignment Authors MUST submit order forms by April 20th 2024.

If you have additional questions about having your book available for sale by the Malice Author Book Dealers please contact them below.

Other Vendors

Peschel Press

Undiscovered Treasures

Earth's Wisdom

The Author Website Guy

Sisters in Crime

For information about the Dealer Room,
or to become a Dealer at Malice, please contact Lee Mewshaw

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