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De-vi-ous - adjective - showing a skillful use of underhanded tactics to achieve goals

Malice Domestic is proud to announce the short story authors chosen for the 18th Malice Domestic anthology titled Mystery Most Devious. Malice Domestic and Wildside Press has partnered again to produce another of it’s award-winning series of ‘Most’ anthologies.

As always, Malice 36 will hold an anthology signing. Royalties benefit the Doris Ann Norris Malice Domestic Angels Program, a charity that has raised thousands of dollars to help those in the Malice Domestic community who need financial assistance to attend the convention.

Our editors are John Betancourt, Michael Bracken, and Carla Coupe. 

The following were selected

Stories by

Susan Love Brown

Jackie McMahon

Mary Adler

Leone Ciporin

Sue Anger

Sarah Stephens

P.A. De Voe

Roberta Gibson

Jill K. Quinn

Jennifer Slee

Ashley-Ruth M. Bernier

Joslyn Chase

Christine Eskilson

Linda Norlander

Smita Harish Jain

Hope Hodgkins

Josh Pachter

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